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Beer FORST Felsenkeller Bottle
Beer FORST Felsenkeller Bottle

Beer FORST Felsenkeller Bottle

FLAVOR: Full-flavored, unfiltered cloudy beer.

CHARACTERISTICS: This specialty beer is naturally cloudy because it is directly filled from the maturation tank, without filtering or pasteurization. Its full-bodied flavor intrigues true beer aficionados, while its smooth after-taste calls for another sip.

GLASSES: Crystalline chalice featuring a squared glass with a very wide base, tapering towards the top to best convey the aroma.

ALCOHOL: alc. 5.2 % vol.


AROMA: Smooth and pleasant

FOAM: Finely porous and dense

INGREDIENTS: water, barley malt, maizegritz, hops
The highlighted ingredients may cause allergic reactions or intolerances.

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