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Beer FORST 0,0 % Bottle
Beer FORST 0,0 % Bottle

Beer FORST 0,0 % Bottle

FLAVOR: characterized by pleasant notes of hops, this beer has a full and balanced flavor. A full-bodied beer despite its 0.0% alcohol volume.

CHARACTERISTICS: lively and refreshing, FORST 0.0% is the perfect non-alcoholic beer for a responsible lifestyle. Its energizing, fresh flavor allows you to savor each moment of the day to the fullest.

ALCOHOL: alc. 0.0 % vol.


AROMA: delicate with pleasant notes of hops

FOAM: fine and dense

INGREDIENTS: water, barley malt, corn grits, hops, natural beer aroma
The highlighted ingredients may cause allergic reactions or intolerances.


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